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Travis CI

As a continuous integration platform, Travis CI supports your development process by automatically building and testing code changes, providing immediate feedback on the success of the change.
Refer to official documentation for detailed usage. →

The following YAML workflow file created into the ./travis.yml as a default by superplate, if Travis CI selected as a CI plugin.

language: node_jsnode_js:  - "14"install:  - npm ci  - npm run test

The following commands are added to travis.yml by superplate if any of plugins listed below is selected during project creation phase.


You can use the following commands in case of adding Travis CI to existing project later.

Package manager#

- npm ci

Install dependencies#

- npm ci


Run tests#

- npm run test

Run Cypress E2E Testing#

- npm run cypress:test

WebdriverIO E2E Testing#

- npm run webdriver:run

We recommend using Meercode, if you are using Travis CI. Meercode is the monitoring dashboard for your CI/CD builds.