Use lint-staged to make your code uniform. It allows you to run arbitrary scripts against currently staged files.

Refer to official documentation for detailed usage. โ†’

How to configure lint-staged?#


All required configurations will be handled automatically by CLI as long as you choose plugins during the project creation phase.

"devDependencies": {
"husky": "^4.3.7",
"lint-staged": "^10.5.3"
"lint-staged": {
"*.{js,jsx,ts,tsx}": [
"npm run lint -- --quiet --fix"
"husky": {
"hooks": {
"pre-commit": "lint-staged"

Adding lint-staged to your project later#

npm i -D lint-staged husky

You must have installed the ESLint plugin to use lint-staged.

To learn how to configure ESLint in your project follow instructions from here โ†’

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